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18 - 24 Ft
18 - 24 Ft

18 - 24 Ft

Medium-duty trucks are the ultimate work trucks. Ideal for logistics, freight and forwarding industries, due to its longer wheelbase and larger tonnage, allowing it to transport bulky and heavy loads.

We have different applications designed to meet each client's unique requirements.

Box Truck

Box trucks are handy vehicles for businesses that require safe transportation of large items and hauling of appliances and furniture.

Canopy Truck

Canopy trucks are ideal for transportation of goods, materials or workers across different locations.

Open Top Truck

Open top trucks are most suitable for the transportation of items with height restrictions.

Freezer Truck

Freezer trucks are very useful for transporting temperature-sensitive goods. They are commonly used for the transportation of food, but also can be used for transporting hazardous goods that need to be kept at a specific temperature during transport.

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3 pax

Payload (Up to)

11 tonnes


Seating Capacity for all ranges is inclusive of the driver.
In accordance with Land Transport Authority (LTA)'s regulation.
Varies in respect to make and model.


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